facebook and twitter integration privacy policy

Caster.Fm Enables you to integrate your Facebook or Twitter accounts to your Caster.fm account so your listeners will be able to quicly view your posts through your radio webpage.
a few important points regarding this integration:

  • - We do not keep any information received from your facebook or twitter account at our servers except for your username and user id which is stored with your Caster.fm account info and will be deleted with it in case you'll leave the service.
  • - Your facebook posts or tweets will be fetched and displayed at your radio website, you can always cancel this functionality by selecting "Disabled" near the "Fetch Facebook/Twitter Wall" label.
  • - By integrating with Facebook you're approving the following permissions to be granted to our system:
    • - public_profile - your name, photo, user id...etc.
    • - user_posts - your facebook wall posts (those are posts you made)
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